Larry Carpenter
Animal Crackers
Animal Crackers
Huntington Theatre Company
Peter Altman, Producing Artistic Director
"The perfect antidote to the tsauras of Les Miz... opened last night at the Huntington. The revival of Animal Crackers is the sweet-silliest sally on the Boston theater scene in a very long time (perhaps since the original Hellzapoppin'). It's so mindlessly effervescent, so blitheringly inane, so knock-down/drag-out sure of itself that even its dumbest replays make you smile."
Boston Globe
"Spring is finally here, and with it a frothy, fabulous and perfectly stylish revival of that Broadway hit of 1928, Animal Crackers. The cap to one of the Huntington Theater Company's better seasons, this piece of utterly nonsensical frivolity is dressed to the teeth, provided with one of the most sophisticated sets seen on the Boston stage in years and urged into glorious excessive life by director Larry Carpenter."
The Patriot Ledger
"Animal Crackers is the best-staged musical in Huntington history. The art-deco sets are lavish, the costumes gorgeous, the dance numbers – complete with camp chorus of clouds and canaries – exhilarating, and the cast of actors, singers and hoofers is of Broadway quality. Hello you must be going!"
Boston Herald