Larry Carpenter
The Chocolate Soldier
The Chocolate Soldier
Goodspeed Opera House
Michael Price, Executive Director

"For Larry Carpenter's new book, key stretches of ironic Shavian dialog have been incorporated from his anti-war, anti-romanticism, anti-posturing play. ... [The] results are apt and highly entertaining in what is basically an Arms and the Man revival with lavish operetta trimming. Carpenter's tongue-in-cheek direction is always lively."
"Goodspeed Opera House's refurbished version of The Chocolate Soldier is just the sort of light, whirly summertime entertainment... audiences have come to prize. Director Larry Carpenter's rewriting of [the] libretto gives the play its few semi-sweet moments, which provide just enough ballast to keep the bubble headed and often campy proceedings from floating away entirely."
New Haven Register
"One need not be a chocoholic or even a fan of comic operetta to enjoy – even rejoice over – The Chocolate Soldier. Larry Carpenter's direction is inspired and perfectly in keeping with the Shavian potency and wit. His revision of the original 1909... adaptation is lovingly rendered and makes for a unique blend of romance and humor that is comforting, delightful, and satisfying."
Main Street News