Larry Carpenter
Broadway: Hinks Shimberg, Steven Warnick, Mary Keil, Producers
American Stage Festival: Larry Carpenter, Artistic Director
"Starmites, the most microcosmic of intergalactic epics, arrived on Broadway last night after a nine-year odyssey through the outer reaches of Off Broadway and regional theater. ... This is a vest-pocket musical and the fantasy elements are enhanced in Larry Carpenter's resourceful production."
New York Times
"No two ways about it, Starmites is out of this world. Larry Carpenter's production works because it is evident that everyone involved is having so much darn fun."
Boston Globe
"As staged by longtime ASF Artistic Director Larry Carpenter (whose revival of the Marx Brothers' Animal Crackers earned praise and box office for the Huntington), the show features strong ensemble [work], a production that's both brisk and warm, and a sensibility as winningly ironic as that of The Rocky Horror Show or Little Shop of Horrors."
The Boston Phoenix