Huntington Theatre Company
Peter Altman, Artistic Producing Director

The Huntington Theater Company has opened its season with a splendid staging of HMS Pinafore, true enough to the G & S tradition to please the purists yet lively and topical in its blustering manner to suggest contemporary parallels. Director Larry Carpenter has set the microcosm of the ship's activities on a life-sized quarter-deck of a British frigate. So give three cheers and one cheer more for this gift of a season opener from the Huntington.

        - The Boston Herald

The last time HMS Pinafore was here, it was full of charming anachronistic bluster. Larry Carpenter, who has directed the Huntington production, doesn't play that game at all. He takes "Pinafore" with a traditionalist's eye, appreciating what's written and keeping it in its place. He neither adds nor subtracts. But what he does do is build his own sense of structural order; then tighten it with considerable originality. Nothing escapes him."

        - The Boston Globe