Huntington Theatre Company
Peter Altman, Producing Artistic Director & North Shore Music Theatre
Jon Kimball, Producer

"The Mikado" is about Victorian England, imperfectly disguised in Japanese kimonos, parading around in front of a funhouse mirror. Larry Carpenter's deft production capitalizes on this fact by setting Gilbert and Sullivan's masterpiece in a Victorian theatrical warehouse where a company is rehearsing "The Mikado" – and where the onstage conflicts reflect offstage personal realities.

        - The Boston Globe

"A giddy adventure in Titipu becomes a grand night for singing in the Huntington Theatre's shimmering production of "The Mikado." With their fourth Huntington collaboration, the dynamic duo of Larry Carpenter and Daniel Pelzig continue to improve on their partnership, with a sense of teamwork so seamless it's difficult to see where the direction and choreographer diverge. While Carpenter is a master of moving a large cast around the stage, Pelzig adds extraordinary grace to each actor's moves."

        - The Boston Herald

"Director Larry Carpenter and choreographer Daniel Pelzig have rethought practically the entirety of this most familiar of shows, bringing to nearly every scene, song, movement and gesture a freshness of imagination blended with due respect for both the original meanings of the text and for the unbroken performance tradition that has kept "The Mikado" on the stage for 110 years."

        - The Patriot Ledger